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  • A Co-Working Environment and Business Incubator for technology based startups.
  • The Future of Innovation in Cambridge
  • Made in Stirling House, Cambridge Innovation Park.


Our Mission is to nurture a close network of innovative and inspiring entrepreneurs working in a range of technology sectors, and support their development so they grow into flourishing businesses. We are now open for applications from early-stage, technology start-up in general but also with a particular interest in AI and Deep Learning, Fintech, Agritech, Cleantech,  Media & Entertainment.

Members of our incubator will share a lively and dynamic co-working space, receive personalised programmes of mentoring and professional expertise that will give them the edge in a competitive world. We won’t pull you through a generic programme, or hold creative people to a set business school curriculum, but nurture what makes you different and provide you with the help you need to succeed.

Join us, and be part of a thriving ecosystem of ideas in Cambridge and beyond.


Incubyte provides entrepreneurs and early stage companies with a dedicated co-working environment in which you can work alongside, and network with, like-minded businesses. A relaxed and friendly environment within the social atrium of Stirling House will encourage a good workings practise with a community of like-minded members. Events, workshops and a bespoke programme of mentoring and coaching will be available to connect our members with expertise and advice from a rich Cambridge network and beyond. Mentoring programmes are designed specifically to meet the needs of the members, and will be reviewed to ensure the right help is on hand, without becoming arduous or rigid.

Full Membership

£299 + VAT per month

Hotdesk Membership

£199 + VAT per month

Part time Membership

£125 + VAT per month


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